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Debt & Equity Finance

International Trade & Financial Group’s Debt & Equity Finance Group have arranged and structured investments on an exclusive basis for some of the nation's premier owners, investors and developers. This execution comes from in-depth upfront analysis, underwriting and structuring coupled with deep relationships and real time feedback from the debt and equity markets. 


Within the commercial mortgage banking industry, International Trade & Financial Group's relationships run far deeper than simply the knowledge of active lenders. These relationships range from asset management to credit decision making. 


International Trade & Financial Group's competitive advantage is our deep consultative and advisory relationship with today's lenders, from Wall Street and money center/foreign banks to most local, community and regional lenders, credit companies, hedge funds, and private direct lenders and the Federal Government.In addition, International Trade & Financial Group’s Advisory Practice is particularly effective in assisting borrowers with existing lender negotiation or recapitalization of potentially troubled assets that may have maturity issues or be over-leveraged.

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