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EB-5 Program

The Immigrant Investor (EB-5) Program was created in 1990 to encourage immigrants wishing to reside in the United States to invest capital in a new commercial enterprise in order to create new and permanent fulltime jobs. Immigrant investors in the EB-5 program are normally required to invest $1 million in regional center projects, unless the project is located in a targeted employment area (TEA), which allows a reduced investment level of $500,000.


  • Our affiliate diverse team of EB-5 and investment advisors offers clients robust investment opportunities to meet their unique needs and goals.


  • Our affiliate team has a 100% I-526 approval rating. This means that our applications and projects are meeting and exceeding the rigorous EB-5 requirements.


  • We are proud that hundreds of investors have trusted our affiliate team to carefully select and invest in projects. 


International Trade & Financial Group and its affiliated partners have raised over $250M in EB-5 funds over the course of the past year with a 100% success rate of selling out every project it has taken on. The reason for that is that we are selective in choosing a project to make sure it has all the success parameters required for proper due diligence by investors. 


The U.S. Government's revitalization of the EB-5 visa program to encourage wealthy foreign entrepreneurs to invest in the development of U.S. business enterprises is already exponentially.


Structuring & Consulting


Our affiliate team works with companies and their owners or managers to respond quickly and effectively to their business and corporate legal needs. 

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